Tractor Trailer Trucks Used to Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

Post On 10-30-2013

Multiple news reports have indicated that law enforcement agencies have been using different tools to catch distracted drivers on their phones in certain areas of the country.

According to multiple reports, officers have been using tractor trailer trucks to take a peek into vehicles in order to learn whether drivers are using electronic while behind the wheel. The report comes from Tennessee and according to the details that have been disclosed, the local Highway Patrol has been using the vehicles to crack down on distracted drivers but not only because of that.

Officers reported that they will also be on the lookout for drivers committing other infractions such as improper lane changes, and lack of seat belt. Law enforcement agencies decided to use the marked tractors in order to ensure that distracted driving laws are being enforced. These vehicles usually carry more than two officers in order to ensure that the driver can focus on the road while other officers look for drivers who are texting while operating their vehicles.

Officers hope that drivers who are being cited for using their phones will learn that they shouldn’t be doing so since they could be exposing themselves and others to several major risks.

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