Tragic Accident Reminds Us of the Importance of Car Safety Seats

Post On 10-29-2014

Intoxicated driving continues to be a problem across the United States.

Recently, news sources have covered the tragic story of a little girl whose life was lost in an auto accident. The driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that crashed into the car carrying the young child had been drinking prior to the crash.

According to the news sources, the authorities have claimed the 70-year-old driver crashed into the back of the vehicle carrying the girl, which caused the child to be thrown from the car while still buckled to her car safety seat. Experts who are familiarized with accidents involving child and restraining seats claims the seat may have not been installed properly.

Too often, says the expert, children are ejected either because he or she was not secured to the seat correctly or because the car safety seat hasn’t been correctly installed to the car. Whatever the reason, authorities claim this happens more often than one would think, prompting the question: should we not be doing more about this?

Children continue to die at a higher rate due to auto accidents than any other factor. Out of every five car safety seats, four are installed incorrectly, which might be the very reason why children continue to die in traffic accidents. Adults, whether they are the children’s parents or caregivers should not ignore the importance of making sure that car safety seats are being installed correctly. Experts urge parents and caregivers to take part in car safety seat checks or other classes carried out by safety seat technicians so they learn exactly what they should do to avoid accidents in any way.

Another important thing parents and caregivers should pay attention to is that certain car seats only work for children of a certain age, weight, and height. You should always make sure that the device you’re purchasing will protect your child by checking the specifics on the device’s model.

Safe Kids USA, an organization that carries educational programs and other campaigns to ensure parents and caregivers are doing everything to protect their little ones, are usually responsible for putting out car safety seat checks across the country. Parents who may not be 100 percent certain they are installing and using their car safety seats correctly should make sure they contact Safe Kids USA or the local authorities to learn more about the next seat checks or other events they may be interested in participating.

For the full article on this tragic accident and how to ensure your child’s restraining seat is fixed, follow this link.