U.S. Marshals Seize Adulterated Dietary Supplements

Post On 11-19-2013

According to the Food and Drug Administration, over $2 million worth in certain dietary supplements have been seized by U.S. Marshals from a Georgia company. According to the news, this seizure was due to an issue linked to one of the ingredients these products were produced with. The reports show that because one of the ingredients has been ruled as unsafe, this product could pose a major health risk to consumers.

The reports show that U.S. Marshals seized the products at the request of the FDA. The supplements come with DMAA, which could elevate blood pressure of some consumers. The ingredient could be particularly dangerous if mixed with caffeine.

Consumers are being urged to avoid purchasing any supplement that comes with this ingredient since it is illegal in the United States and has been deemed unsafe by safety regulators.

According to the official reports, the dietary supplements that were seized by U.S. Marshals have been adulterated and should not be consumed due to a possible health risk. The full article, where you can find more details concerning the issues linked to these supplements, can be found here. Check the ingredients list on your dietary supplements before purchasing the product and stay safe.