UC San Diego Holds Class That Wants to Refocus Distracted Drivers

Post On 12-30-2013

UC San Diego believes it can help to address the distracted driving issue by combining efforts with the California Highway Patrol in order to offer certain safe driving lessons to San Diego businesses.

The initiative was organized by the UC San Diego’s Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety program and the CHP and it will be offering absolutely free one-hour classes to businesses in San Diego. These classes will offer drivers important details concerning the risks associated with distracted driving. These classes would highlight the dangers that drivers, passengers, pedestrians and even cyclists face when they have to cross paths with a distracted motorist.

According to UC San Diego, the classes will take place at the company worksites. Teachers will give drivers the resources they need to learn more about the importance of driving safely. While many critics suggest that only tougher laws and increased law enforcement will help to address the distracted driving epidemic, many safety advocacy groups believe that making drivers aware of the potential risks associated with distracted driving can make a difference.

For more on this classes and how San Diego businesses can have access to them, click here. Hopefully, drivers will be have driver safety in mind whenever they get behind the wheel.