Yamaha Recalls Several Competition Motorcycles

Post On 12-18-2014

Oftentimes, consumers suffer greatly as a result of recalls that never get to be publicized as much as they should. While companies spend millions on marketing their products, they do not spend nearly enough to make sure that consumers are aware of the recalls they launch. Unfortunately for many of us, serious and even deadly accidents take place before the manufacturer is aware of the flaws. While these accidents are not as common, they still occur, and consumers should not forget about the possibly deadly consequences.

One of the latest recall campaigns launched by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission involves off-road motorcycles that may have been fitted with engines that could lock up while in use. If that occurs and the engine locks up during operation, the rider may end up losing control over the vehicle.

According to the manufacturer, this issue could lead to deadly accidents since the loss of control over the motorcycle may cause it to crash. Personal injury accidents involving this type of motorcycle could lead to deaths. The official CPSC announcement indicated that the off-road motorcycles affected by this recall include the 2015 Yamaha competition vehicles with the model numbers YZ250FFL and YZ250FFW. Consumers who need to verify the model numbers could look on the left and right side of the motorcycle’s fuel tank cowling. The firm hasn’t announced any serious incident associated with these motorcycles up to now.

Yamaha has indicated that the impacted motorcycle owners are being urged to stop riding the motorcycles. Make sure you contact a Yamaha dealer to have your affected vehicle repaired as soon as possible. According to the official recall announcement issued by the CPSC, the company is contacting all affected vehicle owners personally so they are aware of the campaign.

Impacted motorcycles were sold nationwide between May 2014 and November 2014. If you believe you were affected and you would like to learn more, you may follow this link.

Hopefully, more companies issue recalls before their products actually cause harm to their consumers. Manufacturers should always have the safety of their consumers in mind when producing and marketing their items, not only profit.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding this recall, make sure to contact Yamaha for more details.