Young Children Still Dying in Car Crashes

Post On 06-14-2013

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that car crashes are still the number one cause of death among young children.

This issue is still a problem because parents and caregivers are still unaware of the risks linked to overlooking the proper installation procedure and maintenance of the car safety seat. Safety experts believe that parents should keep in mind that the best way to ensure their children are safe is to find the proper car safety seat for their child’s age and weight and learn how to install and use it well.

Car crashes continue to claim the lives of children who are 12 or under at an alarming rate.

Every state has different laws concerning car safety seats. Make sure you’re on top of your local legislation concerning car safety seats and follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to make sure the device is properly stationed.

Follow this link to learn more tips on how to ensure your child’s safety seat is installed correctly.