If You’re Going Out to Run or Ride Your Bike, Be Safe

Post On 02-21-2014

If you are ready for when the weather starts to warm up so you can go back to your biking or running routine, you should also be ready to follow a series of safety tips in order to avoid injuries.

One of the first things that runners should do is to gather a group of friends so they can run in groups. Running in groups makes the activity much safer for everybody mostly because you have others watching your back at all times. The authorities urge runners and bicyclists to tell loved ones where they are going and what time they are expecting to make it back so if something happens, loved ones will know to call for help.

The authorities across the country also urge runners and cyclists to always carry a phone so they are able to call someone in case of an emergency.

If you’re running on your own, make sure to never have headphones on while running or riding your bicycle. Loud music can keep you from listening to what is going on around you, increasing the risk of an accident. Distractions are also a problem for pedestrians and cyclists so do not let the loud music keep you from noting a potential risk because you simply could not hear to what was going on around you.

Safety experts also urge runners and cyclists to always face the traffic if they are running or riding their bikes along roads so they are aware of potential risks they may have to avoid.

Too often, drivers miss opportunities to avoid accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists because they are not focusing on the road ahead. You must make sure as a runner or a bicycle rider that you are acting defensively by avoiding accidents. Using reflective clothing and protection gear is also important, especially if you plan on doing a lot of running or bicycle riding during darker times of the day or during the night.

Hopefully, riders and pedestrians are safer now that a series of new technologies are being developed to tackle distraction but while the definitive solution hasn’t been discovered, riders and pedestrians are being asked to stay alert and avoid accidents by running, walking and riding safely.

For more tips on how to be safe when riding or running, follow this link for the full article. Make sure to always follow certain steps so you are safe while exercising.